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rings for your partner and for yourself, it’s essential to avoid this common error. In this short video, professional in the field of ring, Deonne le Roux, reviews some mistakes that he’s seen throughout his years dealing with rings.

Through this video He demonstrates the subtle differences in rings, engagement rings and designs that people often get confused about. If you are planning to customize an engagement ring for yourself or your partner it’s important to be aware of the subtle differences between each type of ring and band. This is a way to ensure the person who wears the ring throughout the duration of their lives is pleased with it.

These small differences he discusses not only makes a huge difference in the amount of time needed for their creation and the final the final product. When making a custom engagement ring, be sure you’re seeking help from an expert that can clarify these distinctions to you. In this video, we will explain the differences between them and help you decide what one will suit your requirements the best.


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