Buying a Salvaged or Used ATV – 020 Credit

Buying a Salvaged or Used ATV – 020 Credit

This is a great option for people who are new to the sport and require some simple information to master. This video will explain the basics you should learn before purchasing a second hand ATV.

Inspecting an old ATV, make sure it looks well-maintained. There’s no need to be a big deal when it’s filthy, but it could be an excuse of a problem with the ATV. It could also indicate that the ATV could not be being well maintained. Find leaks in the fluid, or other issues, as well as check the ground where the ATV is located for areas of liquid.

However, even if your ATV is clean However, it is important to look for any leaks. Also, inspect the hard to reach areas like framework and plates for skids.

A different component of the ATV to check thoroughly is the wench. If possible, stretch the cable or synthetic rope whole length and check it for wear and fraying. If it’s made of steel, check for rust, too.

Then, inspect the half-shafts as well as CV boots located at the back side of your vehicle. These are rubber components which attach to the axle at the rear of the ATV. It gives you a very good idea of how well-used the vehicle is.

If your ATV features a lift kit take care. The CV boots could be prematurely worn down by the lift kits. This can cause stress on the driveline. You can use your finger to examine the shape of your CV boots. This may be an indication of a trouble.

If you want more details on the pros and cons to buying a used ATV watch the video below.


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