How Social Security Lawyers Get Paid – Loyalty Driver

How Social Security Lawyers Get Paid – Loyalty Driver

If the client wins in the end and gets disability benefits, the lawyer will receive part of the amount due by the customer.

The exact percentage that a social security lawyer can be charged varies by state but typically, the amount is around 25% of compensation due to the client as long as the amount is set by the Social Security Administration. If, for instance, a customer is awarded $20,000 back pay, the lawyer’s fee would be $5,000.

Social Security lawyers cannot be charged upfront or require payments from clients prior to the disability claim has been approved. Because disability claimants often find themselves financially in a difficult situation the idea of charging upfront costs could seem unfair.

Lawyers may bill their clients for the expenses associated with their representation like obtaining medical information along with filing fees, among other costs associated with the representation.

Because they’re usually compensated on a contingent fee basis, they only get paid if their client’s disability claims are successful. This fee structure ensures that the clients can access legal counsel without needing to make upfront payments.


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