How to Inspect Your Water Pipe for Lead – Interior Painting Tips

How to Inspect Your Water Pipe for Lead – Interior Painting Tips

Find your watermeter first. It is typically placed within the basement. You can locate the watermeter on the outside of your home which will indicate on which on the other side of the basement will find the water meter. After you’ve found it carefully examine it.

Copper, sometimes referred to as bronze or blueish green is a common type of water pipe. PVC is light or white blue. Galvanized alloys are safer than lead pipes, and they’re gray in color. For a way to determine if you’re using the lead pipe it is possible to conduct the scratch test.

Make use of a coin in order to conduct a scratch test. It is recommended to conduct the test in both the pipe that is at the wall as well as between its main valve and wall. It is important to take care as the pipes could be extremely old. This could mean that the pipe is lead, If you observe that the color is metallic when you scratch the pipe. The pipe should be tapped with the coin to distinguish between lead and galvanized alloy. The alloy is not lead if it makes a “tinging” sound. Lead is dull and makes very little noise when tapped.

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