Snag the Best Prices On-the-Go

Snag the Best Prices On-the-Go

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Did you know that as many as 37.6 million U.S. men and women do the majority of their shopping on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet computers? The internet brings immediacy, and a much wider selection, to shopping. Even better, shoppers, including local, Rochester, NY shoppers, can strike bargains, and barter with people just like themselves. How are locals using the Rochester swapsheet to get the best deals possible?

Comparison Shopping

Did you know that, in the last three months, books made up 46% of online purchases? Retailers want you to spend money. Gimmicks, like showing marked up prices next to sales rates, when retailers only ever intended to sell merchandise at that sale price, are common. Buying items second-hand is a great way to save money. When browsing a swapsheet Rochester NY locals will find all kinds of household items, at a discounted rate. Appliances, college textbooks, clothing, and more are all available online. Buy your next books at half the price, by browsing through personal stores, and the Rochester swapsheet, online.

Bringing Back Haggling

According to CNBC, consumers saved an average of $80 off cellphone plans by haggling. Haggling is more welcome in some venues than others. Thirty-five percent of Americans refuse to haggle, period. Negotiating about cable rates, cellphone plans, furniture, and car sales, however, is not unheard of. It is much less common, though, to try to negotiate the price of that new suit.

Retailers have sales goals and, unless they are dealing with a fair amount of cash (like jewelry stores), negotiation of any kind may not be on the table. The Rochester NY swapsheet, on the other hand, brings back haggling, on a much larger scale. Sellers are everyday people, usually happy to get any supplemental income from possessions that had been collecting dust up in the attic. Negotiation, therefore, may be expected. Plus, if sellers turn you down, the internet offers a lot of comfortable anonymity. If you are embarrassed or discouraged, sellers never have to know about it.

Looking for like-new books, college texts, and clothing at a discounted rate? When browsing the swapsheet Rochester NY locals can expect deals and savings, and, when things are looking a little pricey or glum, haggling may help you snag items at a better price.

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