Tips for Male Figure Painting – Strong Scene Contest

Tips for Male Figure Painting – Strong Scene Contest

Artists, poets, and writers. Douglas Simonson, a popular artist and poet, created one after other great paintings. The video highlights one his latest worksmale figures.

The painting, which he has named “Fabian Bathing” employs a model of a man in a photo shoot.

Simonson is an artist who offers some useful tips for beginners to help them discover their creativity.

He alters the photo, taking note of important shapes and colors once choosing the picture. He then uses the modified photo to duplicate the image on the canvas. Simonson mixes then the four or five colors he plans to use. Since he uses acrylic paint which dry fast, he mixes only the initial group of colors.

Because colors appear different in the palette, the artist checks them out to see if they’ll look good on canvas. He then uses bold strokes that create the outline of the figure and gives more detail to the background as well as what is the focus of the painting.

Simonson says that art should be enjoyable — even a novice can create stunning works of art. u5x51dotb8.

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