What Are Biological Pesticides? – E-Library

What Are Biological Pesticides? – E-Library

The use of synthetic as well as chemical pesticides has reached the tipping point. It is now using organic methods of farming to turn the tide to “real” food , as instead of GMO as well as other chemical “food.”

As part of this trend it is also “real” ways of the control of pests. Biocomes, the video’s host Biocomes, tells us how biological pesticides work and the way they function.

Chemical Pesticides: The disadvantages

Many people began looking for organic diets after scientists found out how chemicals used in pesticides impact the human body. This includes:

Inflicts harm on the endocrine system and its hormone-related functions. The nervous and immune systems. Skin and eye irritations Carcinogen effects. What is Biopesticides?

If naturally present fungi and bacteria or even viruses are used on plants, pests that cause damage to the plant are also eliminated. Biochemical pesticides are created by the attraction of pests to destruction. For example, pheromones (or smells) that attract and kill the pests. Proteins that kill pests produced by the soil also kill pests due to plants’ incorporation of these protein into their bodies.

The world is clamoring for the return of pre-synthetic food production. This includes the use of biological pesticides. That’s why we believed it was important to know regarding the current procedure as well as its effects.


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