Why You Like Need to Drink More Water – News Health

Why You Like Need to Drink More Water – News Health

including tea, coffee like energy drinks, caffeine drinks or drinks that substitute for water, such as soda. However, these drinks may lead to dehydration. The soda contains a lot of sodium. This means that drinking soda may actually make you more dehydrated. This is similar to drinking sea water that is salty.

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that indicate having a deficiency in drinking water. Most likely, you’ve experienced some of these signs. It is common for them to be thought to be a result of something else although dehydration may be one of the main causes. A sign of fatigue is usually the first one. One can experience fatigue both physically and mentally if you haven’t hydrated enough. This could make it hard to concentrate. Furthermore, you could suffer frequent headaches or migraines. You may even feel more irritable or sad as compared to normal. In many cases, dehydration may be responsible for these symptoms.

These symptoms can be solved very easily. The doctor will advise your doctor to drink more fluids. What is the right amount you consume? The answer is dependent on many variables like your body’s size and physical activity. Adults should consume approximately two liters of fluids per day.


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