Fixing Your Pool Sand Filter – Source and Resource

Fixing Your Pool Sand Filter – Source and Resource

It is recommended to take it to a pool filter store. This video will give you suggestions and tips for repairing your pool sand filter at the comfort of your own home!

A majority of pool sand filter systems work exactly the same way. It is the process of filtering water through sand , which cleanses the water. The first step is to disassemble the whole assembly. The hole for the filter will be the PBC tube, which is white. It runs through sand and is attached to screens or laterals, in the middle. The screens will fall down for the ease of removal. Prior to proceeding further, you will need to remove the sand either by dumping it out or using a dry vacuum to suck the sand away.

After you’ve taken the lateral assembly out to clean, you must clean the whole inside of the bowl, as well as the sides. Sometimes, when you see the appearance of sand, it is because there’s a crack in any of your laterals. If you see no cracks or cracks in your pool, be sure to check sure everything is screwed on with a tight screw. If you’re in a position where you have to repair any elements of your filter be sure to check your model’s serial number prior to heading to the market so you can get what you need. Make sure you add fresh sand to the filter and make sure you do not utilize any old sand.


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