Scaffolding Assembly Walkthrough – Home Efficiency Tips

Scaffolding Assembly Walkthrough – Home Efficiency Tips

Own your own the scaffolding you have built yourself. Similar to the handyman on the video, you could have someone assist you with the assembly of your scaffold.

The first step is to gather all your materials and arrange them in order. The components can be grouped of your structure by similar dimensions, like dimension, color and shape, or even length. You should have your tools on hand prior to getting started. When you are done you can attach the frame the base by joining the support feet with the feet of the ladder.

The three rails are placed in a T-shape on top of ladder feet. Make sure that the rails are aligned with your feet and set them side-by-side. Be careful not to over-tighten, or put unnecessary tension on the scaffolding and result in it falling.

When you are working on an elevated platform with scaffolds or roof support brackets ensure that every bracket is checked prior to affixing them. Some may need more than just a few screws (especially loose screws). Additionally, you can find local scaffolding solutions to evaluate the efficiency of your equipment and set-up.


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