Most Expensive Flowers – The Art Museum

Most Expensive Flowers – The Art Museum

They’re an extremely sought-after ornament all over the globe. They look stunning in bouquets, pots and vase. A lot of flowers are medicinal Some are also useful for cooking. In this clip you’ll discover some of the highest priced flowers available. These flowers are not sold at the local florists.

The first flower in the list is the Lisianthus. It’s a bright purple flower that goes for around $4 for a stem. This is because it only blooms for a few days each year, and are very difficult to propagate.

Following is the Lilly of the Valley. The Lilly of the Valley blooms at $5 per stem. The flowers are very striking bell-shaped upside-down shape to the bulbs.

A different expensive flower is the Hydrangea. They cost roughly $7 per stem. They are available in a wide variety including 70-75 species from around the globe. Blue Hydrangeas are extremely rare. Incredibly, the acidity or PH of the soil decides on the color the Hydrangea. The price is high as they only survive for just one year after being harvested. They are used mainly for weddings or other special occasions.


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