What to Do if Attacked by a Dog – How To Run

What to Do if Attacked by a Dog – How To Run


Spend a moment to relax before heading out for a run in the morning. An aggressive dog suddenly comes towards you, sprinting toward you in the middle of nowhere and snarling furiously. What would you do? Animal attacks aren’t just for show. The dog bite lawyer can assist to obtain compensation in the event that you were attacked by a pet. It is recommended to avoid and avoid the occurrence of these attack. This video will help you understand how to overcome being attacked by dogs.

First, don’t panic. Dogs become more confident if they perceive that you’re nervous. Second, don’t run. Running will cause dogs to speed up, and the instinctive urge to chase you will be stronger. However, it’s possible to deescalate situations by standing still. It is also important to avoid direct eye contact so that it appears that you’re not an apprehension. Create fists in order to make sure your dog does not bite one of you fingers. In order to distract your dog you can throw anything that you hold in your hands the opposite direction. Dogs may chase it instead. In the end, it is your responsibility to remind your dog to stop. If that doesn’t work, you can defend yourself by any means necessary.


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